How to get to the Black Point Ocean Villa

What could be more exciting than exploring the Paradise at your own pace? Our lovely villa offers a range of powerboats and jetskis if you're feeling a bit adventurous. It's a perfect way to get away from it all, just you and the beautiful warm turquoise waters constantly shifting their brilliant colors and splashing gently against the side of your boat. Or you can visit a neighboring cay and soak in the traditional Bahamian hospitality. Find an empty beach on a deserted cay unspoiled by human footprints and have it all to yourself. Or ask for the perfect snorkeling or shelling spot! There are so many great things to do and amazing places to visit!

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We have quite a selection of boats for every occasion! Do note however that the waters in and around the Exumas are very shallow in places. If you really feel like exploring a lot it may be wise to bring your favorite GPS unit loaded with the current highly detailed maps of the region to avoid hitting an obstacle. We can provide you with one as well and even guide you around if you've never ridden a boat before. You can also obtain and study the most detailed charts available from Explorer Charts in advance. Do give us a call should you have any questions! If going around the island is your thing don't forget that we provide a complimentary golf cart so you can easily visit the local restaurant and a store.